Friday, July 13, 2007

Making a Blog

The first step in making money from blogs is to make a blog.

So lets see how to make a blog

Here are the step wise instructions

1) Goto
2) Click Create your Blog now
3) Now if you already have a google account use the "sign in first" option there
Other wise create a new gogle account there
4) Now create your blog by giving a Blog title and the url you need.
Enter the image verification and goto the next page
5) There choose one of the predefined templates and goto the next page.
6) There you can post..
means give some title and type something and then publish i..
7) So now your blog is up and running
8) Now if you want to change the template
a)then use the option in blogger to Edit Html
b)and "Expand Widget Templates"
c)Paste the code of the blogger template you have
d)Confirm and save if necessary
9) Now Goto Page elements under templates
10) On the right you will see some widgets for the sidebar
11) Remove all unnecessary widgets by choosing edit>Remove Page element
12) Now your blog is ready to earn money
13) Make some posts in your blog
14) Now apply for google adsense

Adding the adcode

Now i hope your adsense accoun has been approved.Now goto
and login there.Goto adsense for Content and chose the appropriate colours and size and get the adcode.

Now if you are about to add the ads to the sidebar then :

1)Goto Page elements in Template and on the sidebar area click "Add a page element"
2)From the List choose "HTML/JavaScript" and "Add to the Blog"
3)In the content area of the box that comes up, paste your adcode
4)Save changes and click ok
5)Similarly Adsense for content and search and Referrals can be implemented after you get the adcode for the same.

Now if you want to add the ad above the post then :

1)Goto Template>Edit Html
2)Expand Widge Templates
3)Find <div id='content-wrapper'>
4)Paste your adcode just after that
5)Save the changes

Now if you want to add the ad below the posts then :
1)Goto Template>Edit Html
2)Expand Widge Templates
3)FInd <div id='footer-wrapper'>
4)Paste your adcode just above that
5)Save the template

I have explaind how to put ad unitson the sidebar and also on the top and bottom.These are the best places for ad placement.If you like to add ads at other places edit the blog's html code properly